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Unique Precious Shungite

The Unique Shungite Pendant

The Unique Shungite Pendant

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The pendant is designed using a flat circle, which acts as a pump to draw in energy and concentrate it at the centre. Its influence is felt in the body.

A sphere, a three-dimensional version of a circle, is placed at the circle's centre. The sphere draws energy from its entire surface, concentrating energy at the centre, becoming highly compressed. This intense compression sparks a virtual explosion of this energy back into its environment. The sphere was measured with tuning forks, and the range of influence was approximately 2 meters from the body. The average size of your Biofield measures 1.5-2 meters.

A combination of each Shungite type-Elite-Petrovsky-Black Shungite is blended with resin and 24Kt Gold.

Benefits include;

  • Enhances gemstone experience
  • Mitigates effects of EMF
  • Stress reduction
  • Shields against unhealthy energies
  • Strengthens bio-field

Shungite is an amplifier.  Only wear it with diagmagnetic metals such as copper, silver, gold and natural fibres.

    Suggested Uses

    Personal Protection - wear the pendant around your neck or in your pocket daily.

    Place pendants on your desk or on shelves to mitigate EMFs in that area.

    Materials & Dimensions

    Plain: Elite Shungite & Resin

    Gold: Elite Shungite, Resin, 24kt Gold

    Approx measurements: 30mm diameter.

    Care Instructions

    Do not use near infrared appliances.

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