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Shungite Australia

Shungite Energy Mate

Shungite Energy Mate

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Australia's first versatile Shungite EMF mat.

    The use of this mat will strengthen your biofield, improve energy, reduce nervousness and anxiety, and improve sleep.

    When you receive the Shungite Energy Mate, ground your mat on the earth for 10 minutes then hold it gently against your chest and sit silently for a few minutes.  Relax and breath.

    If using the mat as a computer EMF pad, ensure the laptop or keyboard is placed on half of the mat.  When you are using the keyboard your wrist must rest on the mat.

    Shungite is an amplifier.  Only wear it with diagmagnetic metals such as copper, silver, gold and natural fibres.

    Suggested Uses

    - Grounding mat

    - Meditation mat

    - Cleansing mat for your crystals and biofield

    - Energy mat for your water and Shungite water

    - Computer mat, mitigating EMF

    - Pain relief

    - Enhancing and protecting your essential oils, homeopathic remedies from EMF.

    Materials & Dimensions

    Our Shungite undergoes a unique process and is added to silicone producing an incomparable Shungite product.

    Approx measurements: 340mm x 260mm x 50mm

    Care Instructions

    Do not use near infrared appliances.

    Enhance your experience by wrapping the mat in 100% silk before use.

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