About Shungite

Unique Precious Shungite is sourced from the Zazhoginsky deposit in Russia, the only shungite deposit in the world. Russians have known about the healing properties of shungite for over 300 years. Although the age of shungite is unknown, one theory suggests that marine sediment was enriched by the organic remains of primitive microscopic organisms of the shallow bays of the ancient sea. This served as the basic material for the formation of shungite.
Shungite is the only rock in the world that contains fullerene molecules, which are powerful antioxidants discovered in 1985. Fullerenes are hollow, sphere-shaped tube molecules composed entirely of carbon. The unusual structure helps it to neutralize harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as well as repair and improve the body system. It is a strong adsorbent of heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, and radionuclides. These results have been proven by the leading laboratories in the Russia and confirmed in other countries.
Shungite relieves fatigue and possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties. It absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive energy.
A team of researchers studied the effect of low-intensity microwave radiation on the blood cells and bone marrow of shielded rats, with particular emphasis on the ability of shungite to reduce the effect of radiation under these circumstances. From their results, it is concluded that shungite has a positive shielding effect, and no rat suffered the damaging effects of microwave radiation.
Experiments using scientific methodologies showed that a room decorated with shungite improves human energy and positively affects the psychophysical condition, neutralising the influence of geopathic zones, and corrects the energy biofield of a person. St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy experimented with creating a shungite room and reported that not only was the bacterial contamination of air 10 times lower than usual, radiation from the electric network was also decreased 10-fold.
The benefits of using shungite daily are many. The biofield becomes stronger, body energy improves, sleep improves, and anxiety is reduced. When working or being active, your efficiency and attention are also improved.