About Us

Technology has become an indispensable, necessary tool to navigate our lives, but what do you do when the very thing you need to get through the day causes you crippling pain?
Years of persistent symptoms of pain and discomfort caused me to find answers to this question for myself. When I finally stumbled upon electrosensitivity, I’d already seen the inside of a doctor’s office more times than I can count. I had frequent dizzy spells, palpitations, a crawling sensation on my skin, and constant migraines. The symptoms worsened near computers, cell phones, and anything that emitted electromagnetic waves.
I decided to concentrate on my health and learn about my body and explore EMR protection. After two years of detoxing, parasite eradication, and healing my gut issues, I felt better but those sensations continued. In 2015 my quest for EMR protection eventually lead me to the discovery of Shungite, the naturally healing EMR stone mined in Russia. Soon, I began wearing three stones, one in each pocket and another in my backpack to feel the shielding effects. I felt an immediate improvement in my symptoms, and as I started getting my life back, I began researching and experimenting with Shungite powder.
I started connecting with other electrosensitives and handed out pendants for them to try. In the year that followed I received great feedback, which led to the creation of Unique Precious Shungite; a line of shungite products, carefully designed and tested to mitigate the harmful effects of EMR naturally.

Disclaimer: The information on the Unique Precious Shungite website should not replace health care or services you may need. If you experience any of the symptoms above, please see a health care professional. You may also visit https://www.electrosensitivesociety.com/the-electro-sensitive-society/ for further information.