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Shungite Australia

Shungite Energy Mate

Shungite Energy Mate

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Introducing The Shungite Energy Mate, Australia's first versatile Shungite EMF mat.

Our Shungite undergoes a unique process and is added to Silicone, producing an incomparable Shungite product you will always want bio- side.

  • Grounding Mat
  • Meditation Mat
  • Cleansing Mat for your crystals and Biofield
  • Energy Mat for your water/ Shungite water
  • Computer Mat, Mitigating EMF
  • Pain Relief Mat
  • Enhancing Mat- enhance and protect your essential oils and homeopathic remedies from EMF.

    Use of the mat will
    Strengthen Biofield
    Improve Energy
    Reduce Nervousness and Anxiety
    Improve Sleep


    Suggested Uses

    - Grounding mat

    - Meditation mat

    - Cleansing mat for your crystals and biofield

    - Energy mat for your water and Shungite water

    - Computer mat, mitigating EMF

    - Pain relief

    - Enhancing and protecting your essential oils, homeopathic remedies from EMF.

    Materials & Dimensions

    Our Shungite undergoes a unique process and is added to silicone producing an incomparable Shungite product.

    Approx measurements: 340mm x 260mm x 50mm

    Care Instructions

    Do not use near infrared appliances.

    Enhance your experience by wrapping the mat in 100% silk before use.

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