Effect of EMFs on Human Health

Effect of EMFs on Human Health

As our daily routines have become increasingly reliant on technology, it has become more evident that people have started to experience some of the effects of being caught up in the electro-smog of WI-FI technology. While embracing the and the innovative technology it brings, we need to understand the adverse effects it has on our health.

Modern science confirms that everything in the universe, including ourselves, is a form of pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our body is an intelligent form of matter that connects our organs to our cellular construction, which consist of atoms and is further divided into protons, electrons, and neurons. When these particles vibrate in their nucleus, a small electrical impulse is generated, and it stimulates the formation of a magnetic field. Thus, the presence of an electrical field around our body reveals the presence of a magnetic field that is called the aura or biofield.

For centuries, the custodians of wisdom and healers in several traditions had a keen understanding of the energetic body. Life was considered a bioelectrical and vibrational energy phenomenon, so being healthy revolved around balancing energies through various means. Life existed because of the force and energy running through and animating our body. Energy ensures we can move, breathe, think, and even feel. It assists our body to digest food intake. Today, we have become familiar with terms like qi, meridians, chakras, and auras.



According to traditional Chinese medicine, matter is infused with a subtle energy called qi. It is composed of yin and yang, two kinds of forces flowing through a network of pathways called meridians. A meridian is a collective name that refers to both vertical channels (meridians) of blood flow (energy for life) and horizontal channels of blood flow (collaterals) {1}. More recently, modern physiologists have put forward the “neural hypothesis” stating that the clinical influence of acupuncture is transmitted primarily through stimulation of sensory nerves. These nerves provide signals to the brain, which processes this information and then causes clinical changes associated with treatment. Additional research is required to investigate the role of some of the structures identified; however, it seems clear that the peripheral and central nervous systems can now be considered to be the most rational basis for defining meridians {2}.



The current Hindu chakra system refers to the collective ideas of several ancient cultures beyond the Indus River, which stretched from the Tibetan Himalayas along Pakistan into the Arabian Sea. Each chakra vibrates at a specific frequency, and each frequency has its own colour. Chakras oscillate between 0 and 100 Hz. Atmospheric chakras vibrate in a band between 100 Hz and 1600 Hz. However, our brains are not trained to perceive such high frequencies. Chakras are situated along and running parallel to the spine. These are communication centres for energetic exchange with our world, constantly receiving and transmitting information that influences our being. Information is received faster than the speed of light as subtle energy and can be interpreted via a chakra. Information that moves at the speed of light or slower is received by the chakra as sensory and will impact our physical reality. Each chakra is paired with an endocrine gland and governs its function, having an effect on the organs. Chakras vibrate inside and outside of the physical body, radiating the information through the skin and several feet away, forming the biofield {3}



“Biofield” is the term coined by National Institute of Health scientists in 1994 to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and inter-penetrates the human body. it is also called the human energy field or aura. All our life experiences appear to be stored within this magnetic medium, in what seems to be binary patterns encoded in standing waves. The biofield is composed of information from each organ and every bodily tissue, relayed through the meridians (pathways of qi), nadis (energy channels), and chakras (communication centres). Scientific research has found that this radiation field extends all around our body for about 1.2 to1.5 meter (for an average healthy body) and depletes in the case of an unhealthy individual{4}. The radius of the magnetic field also varies depending on the individual’s thoughts, lifestyle, and emotions and the air we breathe, the food we consume, and the environment we live in. Pioneering researcher and biofield-tuning practitioner Eileen Day McKusick has shown in her 20 years of clinical inquiry into the biofield anatomy that the biofield appears to be compartmentalized with the records of different emotional experiences being stored in different stratified locations in the field. Additionally, it is time-lined with information at the outer edge of the field relating to gestation, birth, and earliest childhood and information close to the body being recent or current. All other years fall in like rings in a tree {5}. The HeartMath Institute, founded more than 20 years ago, has made many scientific contributions exploring the heart’s magnetic field. Their research has shown that the heart produces the largest magnetic field in our body and that our emotional state is encoded and modulated into the biofield. By learning how to shift emotions, we can change the information radiated by the heart changing the world around us for the benefit of all {6}.

How we see ourselves

How we look



The biofield interconnects with many kinds of fields. The measurable energy fields are physical in nature and include sound, electromagnetic forces (for example, visible light), and magnetism. All rays form the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic radiation is described as a stream of photons, wavelike particles that are the basis for light. Each contains a bundle of energy and, therefore, information. There are many other fields that affect our bodies, including geomagnetic waves, solar waves, sound waves, ley lines, and Hartmann waves. Long naturally occurring electromagnetic waves with low frequencies are named Schumann Waves after Professor W.O. Schumann. These waves oscillate between the Earth and certain atmospheric layers at low frequencies from 7.83 Hz to 33.8 Hz and help regulate our body’s circadian rhythms {3}. Scientists have discovered there is only a very narrow range of frequencies (3–25Hz) to which brain cells respond favourably {7}. Our body requires a specific amount of this spectrum for optimal physical, emotional, and mental health. We can fall ill or lose our balance if we are exposed to too high amounts of any particular stratum from the spectrum {3}.



Before the invention of electricity, man walked upon the Earth bathed only in the natural electromagnetic fields that surround our planet. Unfortunately for us, modern technology such as wireless computing and cell phone towers create vast amounts of “electro-smog," which disrupts our connection to the Earth’s natural magnetic fields {7}. If we could see the electro-smog that surrounds us, we would most likely pay more attention to the warnings from scientists (see below). Seeing is believing for most people.

In 2013, the artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm along with Dr. M. Browning Vogel, an astro-biologist and former employee of NASA Ames, created images depicting the size and colour of Wi-Fi signals, if they were visible.

In 2014, the Australian student Luis Hernan from Newcastle University produced photographs using an Arduino Kirlian device. The pictures show the radiation where Luis moves the device around. For visual effect, Luis faded himself out of the image {9}.

Scientists on Wi-Fi

“Electromagnetic fields are packets of energy that does not have any mass, and visible light is what we know best. X-rays are also electromagnetic fields, but they are more energetic than visible light. Our concern is for those electromagnetic fields that are less energetic than visible light, including those that are associated with electricity and those used for communications and in microwave ovens. The fields associated with electricity are commonly called ‘extremely low frequency’(ELF) fields, while those used in communication and microwave ovens are called ‘radio frequency’ (RF) fields. Studies of people have shown that both ELF and RF exposures result in an increased risk of cancer, and that this occurs at intensities that are too low to cause tissue heating. Unfortunately, all of our exposure standards are based on the false assumption that there are no hazardous effects at intensities that do not cause tissue heating. Based on the existing science, many public health experts believe it is possible we will face an epidemic of cancers in the future resulting from uncontrolled use of cell phones and increased population exposure to Wi-Fi and other wireless devices. Thus, it is important that all of us, and especially children, restrict our use of cell phones and limit exposure to background levels of Wi-Fi. The importance of this public health issue cannot be underestimated.” - DAVID CARPENTER, MD. Professor in Environmental Health Sciences. Director of the Institute for Health & Environment, School of Public Health, University of Albany. SUNY co-editor, the BioInitiative Report (www.BioInitiative.org) . {10}


The Subtle Body: An Encyclopaedia of Your Energetic Anatomy











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