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Unique Precious Shungite

Shungite Phone Sticker

Shungite Phone Sticker

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This Shungite Phone Sticker has undergone years of testing and is formulated using a combination of shungite and precious metals for amplification.

Attach the phone sticker to your mobile phone under its case.  This sticker will mitigate the EMFs radiated by the cellular connection.  

View the Aura photo series to see the effect mobile radiation has on the human biofield and protecting and healing effect when the Shungite Phone Sticker is used.

Photo 1- A photo of the bio-field taken with an Aura Camera

Photo 2 - An operating mobile phone was placed on the subjects lap showing how wifi affects the bio-field- notice the faded colours and suppressed bio-field

Photo 3 - A Shungite phone sticker was applied to the operating mobile, confirming the shielding effects of Shungite. 

Suggested Uses

Personal Protection - wear the pendant around your neck or in your pocket daily.

Place pendants on your desk or on shelves to mitigate EMFs in that area.

Materials & Dimensions

Shungite Type 1 Elite, Shungite Type, Tiny silver particles that amplify the shielding effects of Shungite, 24kt gold which conducts electricity and magnifies Shungite.

Care Instructions

Do not use near infrared appliances.

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