Shungite Water Using the Energy Mate

Shungite Water Using the Energy Mate

Shungite is an ancient, carbon based mineral that not only protects from electromagnetic frequencies but is also used to purify water and aid healing within the body.  The fullerenes in Shungite are said to produce the water filtration effect, however is it necessary to infuse the Shungite directly in the water to receive the health benefits?

A live blood cell analysis was carried out for a better understanding of the potential uses of the Shungite Energy Mate.


We poured two glasses of water from the same bottle of spring water. One was placed on the Shungite Energy Mate for 20 minutes.  The other rested away from any Shungite.

The subject was a 23 year old male who was recovering from a cold.

Image 1 shows the condition of the subject's blood.  Notably, blood cells are thick and sticky.  As samples were taken for educational purposes, no diagnosis was given.

After a period of 20 minutes, the subject drank the water from the Shungite Energy Mate, and after 20-22 minutes, another live blood cell sample was taken and examined.

Image 2 shows more vibrant blood cells bouncing off each other, including white blood cells, doing their job.  As mentioned earlier, the subject was still recovering from a cold.

Image 1 Image 2


From the above results and reports from customers consuming Shungite Energy Mate water, the charged water leaves you feeling invigorated and others have experienced a gentle detoxifying effect.

Suggested Use

For optimal results, we recommend one glass of charged water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, a glass before each meal, and when you are tired and need energy.

For further benefits, our uplifting practise is highly recommended.  Place a glass of water on the mat and charge for 20 minutes.  Follow by placing the mat along the lower part of the lumbar spine and relax for 10 minutes while sipping the charged water.

Only use glassware when charging your water.


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